Medal Design (Graduation & Moving Up Ceremonies)

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Discover free, customizable graduation medal designs. Download today and enhance your ceremony with our unique academic achievement emblems.


Graduation medals are special awards given to students at their graduation. They're for doing great in school, in a certain subject, or in other areas like community service. These medals show the student's hard work and success. Schools may have different rules for who gets these medals. The medal usually has the school's logo and is a keepsake for the student to remember their school days. It's a sign of their achievements in school.

Customizable Medal Designs for Ceremonies

We have a medal design for graduation or moving-up ceremonies that you can use. It's available in many formats like Doc, PowerPoint, png, jpg, jpeg, and Canva. This design shows the feeling of success and progress, perfect for these big moments in school. The best part is you can download this medal design for free from the link below. Use this design to make your ceremony even more special.

Editable Medal Design

  • Medal Design 1 (Download) - Credits: Ma'am Precious Hope

Acknowledgement of the Design Creators

We're very thankful to the people who made these great designs. Your hard work and creativity have helped make these designs come to life. Your work goes beyond just looking good. It inspires and touches people in special ways. We want to say a big thank you for sharing your talent and helping us celebrate school achievements.

Invitation for Design Contribution

If you have your own medal design, we'd love for you to share it. You can put it in the comments or in our teachers' forum. Your designs can help inspire others and can be used by other people. This forum wants to be a place with lots of different resources. So, let's work together and share our creativity and ideas to make this forum even better.

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