LIS Hack: Overcome 504 Errors with Steps for Teachers

Started 1 year ago by Clarence Soriano in DepEd Resources, Learner Information System (LIS)

Discover a helpful LIS Hack to aid teachers struggling with 504 errors. Follow these simple steps to efficiently encode grades, despite timeouts. #keepfighting


This method might help all teachers who are using LIS today, especially due to the 504 Gateway Timeout errors we are experiencing.

LIS hack: this might help.

Step 1

Open more tabs!

Step 2

Open a new tab for each student for grade encoding.

Step 3

Once you have encoded the grades, click save.

Step 4

If a gateway error occurs, simply refresh. While waiting for the 'grades updated' notification to appear, you can proceed with encoding for the next student.

Step 5

Repeat the same process: encode grades, save, encounter gateway error, then refresh.

Step 6

Just continue encoding, even if you keep encountering gateway errors, it will still update. Occasionally refresh your section's page to see which grades have truly been updated.

I hope this will help. #keepfighting 🤸

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