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Get our Editable Graduation Toga Template for a unique graduation photo. Easy to use with a step-by-step tutorial available. Celebrate success today!


A graduation gown, also known as a "toga", is a distinguished piece of attire worn by students to mark the momentous occasion of their graduation. Typically rendered in black or the official colors of the institution, the gown forms part of the traditional academic regalia, commonly referred to as the "cap and gown". The "cap", or mortarboard, is a square-shaped hat often decorated with a tassel. This tassel, which can come in various colors, is frequently used to denote the field of study pursued by the student.

This enduring tradition of wearing a graduation gown traces its roots back to the Middle Ages, originally serving the practical purpose of providing warmth. Over the centuries, however, the gown has come to symbolize academic achievement and the successful completion of a stage of education. It's worth noting that the design and color of the gown can vary significantly between different schools and levels of degrees.

In many public schools in the Philippines, students may not have the opportunity to don a toga at their graduation. To address this, teachers have taken the innovative step of creating DIY pictorials for their graduates. To facilitate this, we provide a versatile template enabling the students' faces to be inserted and overlaid onto a toga. To assist in this process, we've also included a comprehensive tutorial which can be found below.

Editable Graduation Toga Design

  • Graduation Toga Design 1 (Download) - Credits: Ma'am Arni Roca

Tutorial on Editing Graduation Pictures Using Canva

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