Emcee Script (Graduation & Moving Up Ceremonies)

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Guide to Emcee Script: A concise and engaging outline for Graduation and Moving Up Ceremonies. Perfect for seamless event hosting and celebration.


What is Graduation Program Script?

A graduation program script maps out a graduation ceremony from start to finish. It begins with pre-ceremony announcements to guide audience behavior. Then, the ceremony officially kicks off with the grand entrance of colors and a procession.

Next, there's a friendly welcome and a short introduction acknowledging the graduating class and special guests. The ceremony then moves on to an invocation and the national anthem.

One of the most important parts of the script is the presentation of the graduates. School officials present, endorse, and confirm the graduates. After that, the graduates receive their diplomas and awards. Each graduate's name is called out during this process.

A student representative gives a speech expressing gratitude on behalf of the graduating class. This is followed by a special message from the School Division Superintendent. Graduates then make a pledge of loyalty to the school.

The ceremony also includes a special performance of a graduation song by the students, along with the school and division hymns. The ceremony ends with the exit of colors, a recessional, and any additional post-ceremony activities. The script acts as a roadmap to ensure this important event runs smoothly, celebrating the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for the graduates.

What is Graduation Program Flow?

A Graduation Program Flow, or the order of the ceremony, outlines the series of events in a graduation ceremony. It aims to provide an organized transition from one part of the program to the next.

The flow begins with initial announcements to outline the event rules and get the audience ready. Next, the formal ceremony starts with the processional, where graduates, faculty, and special guests make their grand entrance.

After the processional, an invocation is usually given. Then, the national anthem is sung to show unity and respect. A host or appointed speaker gives a welcome speech to set the tone for the event and underline its importance.

The presentation of the graduates comes next, with the school's principal or dean presenting the candidates for graduation. Then, diplomas are handed out, and awards are conferred to recognize each graduate's achievements.

The speech segment is a vital part of the flow. It often includes a valedictorian's speech, a message from a key figure such as the School Division Superintendent, and a gratitude speech from a student representative. These speeches aim to inspire, reminisce about the journey, and look ahead to the future.

The ceremony wraps up with a symbolic event, such as the recitation of a loyalty pledge or the turning of tassels. Lastly, the recessional marks the end of the formal ceremony as graduates, faculty, and guests leave the venue. The Graduation Program Flow, therefore, presents a structured and orderly method to celebrate this crucial milestone in students' lives.

Tips on how to use a graduation ceremony script effectively

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Script

Spend time understanding the sequence of events, the transitions, and any special details about the program. This helps you remain confident and composed during the ceremony.

2. Rehearse

Practice reading the script out loud. This not only helps you get a sense of timing but also enables you to improve your articulation and delivery.

3. Mark Your Script

Highlight or underline key points in your script, such as the names of speakers or significant transitions. This will help you quickly locate important information during the ceremony.

4. Pace Yourself

It's important to maintain a steady and comfortable pace while reading the script. Remember, the audience needs to understand and digest the information.

5. Modulate Your Voice

Vary your pitch and volume to avoid monotony and keep the audience engaged. Also, remember to project your voice so that everyone can hear clearly.

6. Keep It Handy

Have the script with you at all times during the ceremony. This serves as your roadmap and ensures that you don't miss any steps.

7. Stay Flexible

Be prepared for unexpected changes. If there's a last-minute change in the order of speakers or a delay, calmly adjust the script as needed.

8. Engage with the Audience

While it's crucial to stick to the script, don't forget to engage with the audience. Eye contact and acknowledging the audience's reactions can create a more personable and engaging atmosphere.

9. Speak Clearly

Pronounce each word clearly, especially when announcing the names of graduates or distinguished guests. If you're unsure about how to pronounce a name, ask in advance.

10. Enjoy the Process

Graduation is a joyful occasion. Let your enthusiasm and happiness show in your voice and demeanor. It will make the event more enjoyable for everyone.

Remember, the script is a guide, not a rigid rulebook. You are free to improvise and adapt as necessary, provided you respect the overall structure and purpose of the event.

Sample Graduation Program Script


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Commencement Exercises of ____ National High School are about to commence. The ceremony is projected to run for approximately one hour and thirty minutes. We kindly ask everyone to switch your mobile devices to silent mode and maintain a respectful atmosphere by refraining from loud conversation. Please feel free to express your joy and pride in our graduates by offering applause during the presentation. For the best photo opportunities, please refrain from taking pictures until after the conclusion of the ceremony. We promise there will be ample opportunities to capture the memorable moments.


A warm welcome to everyone. Let us now shift our attention to the entrance of colors.


Distinguished guests, the processional begins.


Now, let's warmly welcome the Candidates for Graduation for the School Year 2022-2023, accompanied by their esteemed parents and guardians. We are proud to present the cohort from section "Patience", led by their dedicated adviser, Ms.______.


Also, joining us today are the esteemed faculty of ____ National High School, alongside our distinguished guests – the PTA Officials, Local Government Unit Officials, and DepEd Officials.



Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Graduation day is a celebration, a culmination of an academic journey, and the beginning of a new phase of life filled with opportunities, challenges, and aspirations. It marks the fruitful conclusion of years of persistent pursuit of knowledge – knowledge that empowers us to explore opportunities and conquer challenges with clear vision and purpose.

Joining us on this auspicious occasion are our distinguished members of the academic community led by our Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. ____, our Education Supervisor in Filipino, Dr. ____, our District Instructional Supervisor, Dr. ____, our respected principal, ____, our Barangay Captain, Hon. ____, our General PTA officials headed by Hon. ____, esteemed colleagues, proud parents, guardians, friends, and last but not least, our outstanding graduates.

We warmly welcome everyone to the 5th Graduation Ceremony of ____ National High School’s Senior High School, themed "K-12 Graduates: Pursuing Dreams and Fostering Resilience in the Face of Adversity."

The 5th Graduation Ceremony of ____ National High School’s Senior High School is now officially in session. May I kindly request everyone to rise for the singing of our National Anthem, led by our Grade 8 adviser, Mrs. ____.

Please remain standing for the doxology led by the graduating class.

You may now be seated.


As we embark on this significant event, it brings us great joy to see the faces of guests, families, and friends of our ____ NHS students. Your presence today makes this occasion even more meaningful as we honor our graduates and celebrate their accomplishments. To extend a warm welcome to everyone, let's invite ____, an honor graduate, to deliver the welcoming remarks. [Closing]: Thank you, ____, for your heartening words of welcome.


Now, we celebrate the hard-earned success of the 42 students who navigated the challenges of the 209 school days of the academic year. Their enthusiasm is reflected in their faces, as they look forward to receiving their diplomas. To present the candidates for graduation, I invite our esteemed Principal, ____ to the stage. Following this, we will hear a recommendation from our District Instructional Supervisor, Dr. ____. The confirmation of the graduates will be performed by our revered Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. ____.


Let's give another round of applause for the graduating class of 2022 from ____National High School! Dear graduates, the moment you have been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived. The reward of your discipline and dedication is about to be reaped. Now, I invite Ms. ______ and ____________ to join our Schools Division Superintendent, ____________________ in awarding the diplomas to our graduates. I also invite our honored guests, Dr. ____, Dr. ., and Dr. to join us in congratulating our graduates. Following this, our faculty members are requested to line up before the stage to personally congratulate the graduates.


Let us now begin the roll call... [The list of graduates]


Our heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of Batch 2023. Let's now invite ____, an honor graduate, to express the sentiment of her class. [Closing]: Thank you, ____, for those heartfelt words. Once again, congratulations to all graduates!


Now, we'll hear an empowering graduation message from our School Division Superintendent, Dr. ____. On her behalf, we call on ________________________. Let's give her a round of applause, please.


May I request the graduates to rise for the pledge of loyalty? Leading the class in their pledge of loyalty will be ____, an honor graduate.


Music is a beautiful expression of our souls. It communicates emotions and syncs with the rhythm of our hearts. Now, let's listen to the graduates sing "This World is Yours." Let's give them a round of applause.


May I request everyone to rise for the singing of the school hymn, followed by the division hymn, conducted by Mrs. ________.


Ladies and gentlemen, now observe the exit of colors.


As we reach the conclusion of this auspicious ceremony, new opportunities and challenges await our graduates. As they embark on their life's next journey, may they look back on this milestone with fondness and pride. This marks the end of the 5th Graduation Ceremony of ____ National High School’s Senior High School. I am ________, thanking you for your presence. Once again, congratulations graduates.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us now observe the Recessional.

Sample Moving Up Ceremony Program Script


In the face of adversity, ____ High School has proven its resilience and unwavering faith. Our institution continuously fosters strength, resilience, and faith in our students, especially evident in the challenging times faced by our 2023 Junior High Completers. This day marks a milestone in their journey and is a testament to their hard work and perseverance. Let's warmly welcome these achievers as they step into a new chapter of their academic journey.


Please rise for the Processional July, as we usher in the proud Class of 2023, escorted by their guardians, our local officials, PTA Officials, faculty, and staff. Let's give them a well-deserved round of applause!


We honor our flags. Please remain standing as we witness the entrance of colors.


Join us in singing the National Anthem, led by ____.


May Mrs. ____ lead us in seeking Divine Intervention for this auspicious occasion. This will be followed by the singing of ______________________, to be led by ____.


Please be seated. We'll now hear welcoming remarks from our 2nd Honors, ______.


Madam________ Adviser will present the candidates for completion. We acknowledge their commitment and dedication as we look forward to their promising futures.


Our Principal, Madam ________, will confer the certificate of completion to our achievers.


Academic excellence deserves recognition. We now move on to honoring the top-performing students, starting with...


We're privileged to have a distinguished guest speaker with us today. May I invite Madam ________, Grade 9B- adviser, to introduce our esteemed guest.


Dr. ____ will now deliver an inspiring message to our completers.


____, batch 1st Honors, will now share her words of gratitude on behalf of her batchmates.


The graduates will now recite the Pledge of Loyalty, a significant rite that signifies their commitment and respect for the institution.


We now invite everyone to join us in the Moving Up and Thank You Song.


As we close this momentous event, let us stand for the exit of colors, and prepare for the recessional march. Congratulations to the Class of 2023! We are immensely proud of your achievements. Thank you, everyone, for joining us in this celebration. God bless!

Please remember that a script is a guide, and you may need to adjust based on the actual flow of events. Always be ready to adapt and be flexible during the ceremony.

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