Editable Lei (Recognition, Graduation, Moving Up)

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Discover our unique downloadable Lei designs - perfect for graduation celebrations. Join the community, share your design, and keep traditions alive!


Celebrate graduation with our easy-to-use downloadable Lei designs. These are perfect for graduation ceremonies. Leis are often given as a sign of respect and joy at graduations. Our designs take this tradition and give it a modern twist.

We'd like to express our deepest appreciation to everyone who contributed to creating these unique lei designs. Their talent, creativity, and dedication transformed traditional concepts into these beautiful pieces of digital art.

When you download, you'll get a high-quality image file. It will come in many formats like DOC, PPT, JPEG, PNG, and Canva. The image will have beautifully drawn flowers and leaves arranged in a lei shape. Each flower is detailed, showing off vibrant colors and textures that make leis so special.

Want to use it in the real world? It's easy. Just print the image on good paper or cardstock. Then cut and assemble it to make a lei you can wear at graduation.

If you like, you can also use it digitally. Show it off on social media, at virtual events, or use it to decorate digital invites or announcements.

You can even change how it looks to match your style or your school colors. Try printing it with different finishes like glossy or matte to make it pop.

Sample Lei (Recognition, Graduation, Moving Up)

  • Lei Design 1 (Download) - Credits: Sir Lordelley Agron
  • Lei Design 2 (Download) - Credits: Ma'am Janice C. Degala
  • Lei Design 3 (Download) - Credits: Ma'am Leah Abayan Bautro

Join Our Community: Share Your Own Lei Designs

In the spirit of collaboration and sharing, we also invite all our readers to contribute their own lei designs. If you've designed a lei, feel free to share it in the comments section or on this forum. By doing so, you'll be helping others and expanding our growing repository of resources.

Our goal is to make this community a source of downloadable files needed by teachers and students alike. Every contribution helps!

Once again, we would like to thank our contributors for their hard work. They've made it possible for us to offer a fun and modern way to keep an old tradition alive. Make your graduation special with our Graduation Lei designs.

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