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Get official DepEd School Forms here: Streamline tracking of student progress, attendance, and more in the Philippine education system.


DepEd School Forms

The DepEd (Department of Education) School Forms are a collection of official templates designed to facilitate the efficient tracking and reporting of various elements in a school system. They play a crucial role in monitoring student progress, school updates, and other important activities. Here's a more detailed look at these forms and their purposes:

SF 1 or School Register

This form serves as the master list of class enrollment, recording all students currently registered in a class.

SF 2 or Learner’s Daily Class Attendance

This form is used to track and record the daily attendance, absence, or tardiness of learners. It is critical for ensuring that students are attending school regularly.

SF 3 or Books Issued and Returned

This list documents the books (by title) issued to and returned by learners, aiding in library or resource management.

SF 4 or Summary Enrollment and Movement of Learners

This form is used to keep a record of the enrollment count, learners who have transferred in or out, and dropouts by grade level, helping with school demographic and student flow management.

SF 5 or Report on Promotion

This report lists which students were promoted or retained by class, providing a record of academic progression.

SF 6 or Summary Report on Promotion

This is a summary form that records the number of students promoted or retained by grade level, providing an overview of academic progression across grades.

SF 7 or Inventory of School Personnel

This inventory lists school personnel along with their basic profile and teaching load or assignment, assisting with human resource management and workload distribution.

SF 8 or Learner Basic Health Profile

This form provides a per learner assessment of Body Mass Index, serving as a tool for promoting and monitoring student health.

SF 9 or Learner Progress Report Card

This is an individual academic, behavioral, and attendance report for each student, issued by quarter. It is integral to communicate a student's progress and needs to their parents or guardians.

SF 10 or Learner’s Permanent Academic Record

Formerly form 137, this document maintains an individual academic record for each student by quarter, offering a longitudinal view of a student's academic history.

DepEd School Forms Template

In conclusion, the Department of Education (DepEd) provides a variety of resources, including the essential DepEd School Forms. These forms serve a critical role in efficiently managing various aspects of the educational system, from monitoring student progress, health, and attendance to resource allocation and personnel management. As essential tools in Philippine schools, they facilitate effective communication and operations, ensuring a conducive environment for learning and development. The systematic use of these forms upholds the integrity and efficiency of educational administration, thereby promoting a well-organized, streamlined learning experience for all students.

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