Brigada Eskwela (Program with Emcee Script)

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Get involved in Brigada Eskwela! Uncover our comprehensive program guide and emcee script to ensure a successful community event.


Brigada Eskwela is an event where everyone helps prepare public schools for a new year. We all work together: teachers, parents, students, and the local community.

Our sample guide shows you how to run the event. It starts with a parade and sign-ups. Next, everyone joins in a fun Zumba workout. Then, we have a formal program with a prayer, the national anthem, a welcome speech, and a presentation of all the volunteers. A respected community leader gives an inspirational talk. Finally, the school principal explains how the event works.

The guide also includes a script for the event's host. It helps the event run smoothly and makes sure everyone feels welcome. The script keeps the event organized but still fun and lively.

Sample Brigada Eskwela Program

Part I. Brigada Kick Off Parade

Part II. Registration

Part III. Zumba

Part IV. Opening Program

A. Invocation - Rafaela D. Alfonso, TIII

B. National Anthem - Layla D. Lema, TIII

C. Welcome Address - Johnson S. Infiesto, MTI

D. Presentation of Volunteers and Stakeholders - Roger Basillio, MTI

E. Inspirational Message- Hon. Khaleed Moran, Barangay Captain

Part V. Orientation on the Mechanic of the Brigada Eskwela Program - Floryn Sepe, School Principal

Valentina Ramos, TIII Master of Ceremony

Sample Brigada Eskwela Program Emcee Script

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! A very warm welcome to all of you on this wonderful and vibrant day! My name is Valentina Ramos, your host for the day, and I am immensely excited to get this program underway.

Part I. Brigada Kick Off Parade

We will begin this momentous occasion with the Brigada Kick Off Parade. I invite everyone to join in and make some noise as we march to the rhythm of unity and shared purpose. Your enthusiastic participation is what makes this event truly special.

[After Parade]

Thank you, everyone, for such a lively and energetic start! Now, it's time to make things official.

Part II. Registration

I now invite everyone to proceed to the registration tables situated around the school grounds. Please ensure you have your names registered so we can acknowledge your valuable contribution.

[After Registration]

Thank you all for your cooperation. Let's continue the energy and enthusiasm with our next activity.

Part III. Zumba

To add more life to this wonderful day, let's get our bodies moving with a Zumba session. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, it's all about having fun! So, everyone, get ready to move to the beat!

[After Zumba]

Wasn't that fun? Now, let's gather around and commence the formal program.

Part IV. Opening Program

We will start our opening program by seeking blessings for our endeavors.

A. Invocation

I am honored to call upon Rafaela D. Alfonso, TIII to lead us in the Invocation. Please, let us all stand and bow our heads in prayer.

[After Invocation]

Thank you, Rafaela, for that spiritually uplifting invocation.

B. National Anthem

Now, I would like to invite Layla D. Lema, TIII to lead us in singing the National Anthem. May we all rise and honor our beloved nation.

[After National Anthem]

Thank you, Layla. Now let's welcome our very own Johnson S. Infiesto, MTI.

C. Welcome Address

He will be delivering our Welcome Address today. Mr. Infiesto, the stage is yours.

[After Welcome Address]

Thank you, Mr. Infiesto, for such a warm welcome.

**D. Presentation of Volunteers and Stakeholders **

Moving forward, we have Mr. Roger Basillio, MTI, who will be introducing the dedicated volunteers and stakeholders of Brigada Eskwela 2023. Please, give him a round of applause.

[After Presentation]

Our gratitude extends to all volunteers and stakeholders for your invaluable contribution.

E. Inspirational Message

Now, we are honored to have with us Hon. Khaleed Moran, our esteemed Barangay Captain. He will be sharing an Inspirational Message with us today. Let's give a big round of applause for him.

[After Inspirational Message]

Thank you, Hon. Khaleed Moran, for those inspiring words.

Part V. Orientation on the Mechanic of the Brigada Eskwela Program

And finally, we invite Ms. Floryn Sepe, our esteemed School Principal, to provide an orientation on the Mechanic of the Brigada Eskwela Program. Please, pay close attention to ensure we all work harmoniously towards our common goal.

[After Orientation]

Thank you, Ms. Sepe. With that, we are ready to embark on this journey together. Thank you all once again for your presence and participation today. Let's make Brigada Eskwela 2023 a memorable and successful event!

This concludes our opening program. Together, let's build, let's grow, let's uplift. Onwards, Brigada Eskwela 2023!

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