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Taiwan to hire more English language teachers

Taiwan to hire more English language teachers

Taiwan is looking for more English language teachers and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office urged Filipinos to join its Foreign English Teacher Program.

“We welcome more teachers to join the project next year,” Teco Representative Peiyung Hsu said.

77 teachers and 11 teaching assistants were already admitted to the program this year alone from 6,000 applicants, Hsu added.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education developed the program to improve the English proficiency of Taiwanese students and project the openness to people-to-people exchanges of Republic of China.

“Taiwanese businesses have been investing in the Philippines since [the] 1960s. There are currently around 600 plus Taiwanese companies operating in the Philippines, and the number continues to grow,” Hsu said.

According to Teco, Taiwan and the Philippines’ two-way trade amounted to $6.63 billion.

As of July this year, Teco posted around 150,000 Filipino workers in Taiwan.

“I have full confidence in the mutually beneficial relations between Taiwan and the Philippines,” he said.

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