Community Rules and Guidelines

Join our educator community. Engage in enriching discussions. Follow our Community Rules and Guidelines for a healthy and respectful interaction.

Your adherence to these rules ensures a healthy and conducive environment for all members. Non-compliance could result in post deletion, membership termination, or both.

1. Courtesy is Key

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech, bullying, and harassment. Let's maintain a friendly and respectful environment for all members.

2. Topic Relevance

Our discussions center around educational topics relevant to teachers. Avoid personal narratives or grievances that stray from our core focus.

3. Anti-Spamming

Refrain from posting ads, linking to external websites, Facebook pages or groups, or any form of solicitation. Selling of any kind is strictly prohibited.

4. Fact-checking

While we champion freedom of expression, it's imperative that the information shared is accurate. Falsehoods can be damaging to both individuals and the group's credibility.

5. Authenticity

Use your real name and profile. Anonymous accounts or use of pseudonyms to levy personal attacks or insults are strictly forbidden.

6. Privacy Respect

Sharing personal information about others without their explicit consent is not acceptable.

7. Professional Conduct

Maintain a respectful and professional tone. Derogatory language is not permitted. Treat everyone with respect, regardless of differing viewpoints.

8. Active Engagement

Encourage conversations by responding to comments on your threads. Be engaging and respectful in your interactions.

9. Moderation Guidance

If you're unsure about the appropriateness of your thread, feel free to ask a moderator or admin for guidance.

Adhere to Site Guidelines

Follow our website's community standards and terms of service. It's important to understand and respect the rules of this online space to ensure a healthy and engaging environment for all members.

Gentle Reminders

  • Social media platforms, including Facebook, are not the appropriate venues for airing grievances. Address your issues directly or through suitable channels.
  • Freedom of expression does not justify spreading misinformation, insulting others, tarnishing their reputation, or causing defamation.
  • As a community of teachers, if you're confident that what you're sharing is the truth, there should be no reason to conceal your identity.


The administrators and moderators of this group do not hold responsibility for the content of any messages posted. Posted messages solely represent the author's viewpoint. All threads initiated will undergo review. We retain the right to delete any messages posted for any reason without prior notice. Do not post content or information that you consider private or confidential. Should you disagree with these terms, we kindly ask you not to join us. You're free to leave the group anytime if it doesn't meet your expectations.